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Personal injury

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of negligence, you need to obtain legal advice in order to make a claim. The Law Offices of Nigel Burns provides effective and compassionate attorneys who can guide you through this difficult process and work towards resolving your case and provide compensation for the damages suffered. 

In a personal injury matter, there typically are two types of damages; special damages, i.e., economic damages such as medical bills, loss of earnings, property damage and general damages, which are non-economic and are typically known as pain and suffering damages.

Negligence for purposes of legal claims is typically when someone or some entity breaches a duty they owe to you as a consumer, i.e., an automobile accident, a fall at a grocery store or food poisoning at a restaurant.  

In order to sustain a valid legal claim for negligence, there must be an injury or damages and someone must have committed a negligent act.  This can be a positive act such as being rear-ended or an act of omission such as a grocery store failing to inspect and clean its floors.

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